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Whiskey, Whiskey
By David Allan Coe
CD: DAC – 1982
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

Capo 3

D                  G
So whiskey, whiskey take my mind
A               D
Let me leave it all behind
D                 G 
Take me somewhere i can find 
A            D 
Someone to believe
D               G
Whiskey, whiskey be my friend
A                D
Don't you let me fall again
D               G   
You can help me to pretend 
She won't ever leave

D               G  
Whiskey, whiskey tell me lies
A                D
You know she can hypnotize
D           G    
If i look into her eyes
A             D
I'll be lost again


Whiskey, whiskey keep your cool
Don't you let me be no fool
I'll be sitting on this stool 
Until the very end


She won't ever leave...fade

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