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David Allan Coe - When She's Got Me (Where She Wants Me)
Capo 1

     D                         G               C
Last night, she made it plain, she didn't want me
D                      A            
Today I woke later and alone
D                               G
Tomorrow I'll be turnin' to the bottle
E                            A
Tonight I'll be cold and all alone.

D                                   G
She only broke my heart Lord not my spirit
D                            A
She only took my body not my soul
   D                                    G
My skin still burns in places where she touched me
E                                           A        G F#m E
And when she touched me Lord I lost my self-control.

When She's Got Me Where She Wants Me
          G       D
She don't want me
I'm just another game she likes to play
  D                                   G
I don't think I can make it through tomorrow
  E                            A
I almost never made it through today.

    D                                 G
She sure knew how to love me when she loved me
D                                  A
When I was weak she always came on strong
    D                                  G
She knew just what it took to drive me crazy
    E                              A     G F#m E
And she knew how much I hate to be alone
When She's Got Me Where She Wants Me.

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