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Waiting For a Train--David Allan Coe

His take on the old Jimmie Rodgers classic.   Different key, different lyrics (I think).
Corrections welcome.

Intro:   Yodel, starting with E, halfway through change to A, then E again

All around the water tank
A              E
Waiting for a train
   A                       E
A thousand miles away from home
D7               B
Sleeping in the rain
I walked up to the brakeman
   A                   E
To give him a line of talk
    A                       E
He says if you've got money son
B              A         E
I'll see that you don't walk


Well I haven't got a nickel
A                    E
Nor a penny could I show
    A                        E
He said get off you railroad bum
     D7                 B
And slammed the boxcar door
He put me off in Texas
A                 E
A place I surely love
A                   E
With the wide open spaces
         D7              B
With the moon and stars above
Nobody seemed to want me there
   A               E
Or lend a helping hand
       A                       E
I'm a thousand miles away from home
B        A    E
Goin to Dixieland

(as a yodel, like INTRO) I've got the blues, I've got the blues

No blankets gathered round me
A                   E
To keep me from the cold
       A                        E
I'm a thousand miles away from home
D7              B
Sleepin growin old
Nobody seems to want me
    A             E
Or lend a helping hand
       A                       E
I'm a thousand miles away from home
B       A     E
Goin to Dixieland

Key change to A


A                   D       A
Old times they are not forgotten 
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