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David Allan Coe Ė Truck Driviní Man
Capo 1:


E                           A
I stopped at a roadhouse in Texas
E                               B
A little place called Hamburger Den
E                       A
I put some money in the jukebox
    B                         E
And played that Truck Driviní Man.

E                            A
Pour (Hey) me another cup of coffee
    E                     B7
For it is the best in the land
E                     A
I put my money in the jukebox
    B                         E
And played that Truck Driviní Man.

E                           A
The waitress poured me some coffee
  E                               B
I thanked her and called her back again
  E                            A
I said that old song sure does get me 
      B                    E 
Cause I am a Truck Driviní Man.


E 	                        A
I climbed back aboard that old semi
    E                       B
And just like a flash I was gone
E                     A
I got them big wheels rolliní
B                    E
Iím on my way to San Antone.


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