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David Allan Coe 
Time Off For Bad Behavior
Capo 3

              D                G
Need a little Time Off For Bad Behavior
                       F     	        D
Devil in me done been asleep for too long
              D                G
Need a little Time Off For Bad Behavior
 	  	       F                D
Looks like I’ve been too good for too long.

I’m up at gone at the crack of dawn
       G                      D
I been workin’ like a regular dog                            
To keep my woman and the lights 
        A 	                     D
And the water and the phone turned on

I been sayin, “Yes Sir” all day at work
       G                    D
I been sayin, Yes Ma’am” at home
I been storin’ up the “fuck you’s” 
A                D
Keepin’ under my tounge.


I’ve had this number on my mind the while
          G                       D
I’ve been fightin’ of the urge to call
                           A                      D
A pretty little strawberry blonde with a Southern drawl.

Some good ol’ boys called from Alabama 
         G                        D
Said the fish have been a missin’ me
          A                            D
I need to renew my friendship with Jim Beam.


Need a little Time Off

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