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This Old Truck
written by David Allan Coe
Album: "For the Soul and For The Mind Demo's '71-'74"

         D                                      G                  D     Dsus4 D
This old truck rolls on the highway, rolls thru rain sleet hail or snow
                                        A         D     Dsus4 D
This old truck rolls from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico
           G                                                                     D   Dsus4
Rolls thru danger picks up strangers who write words into the dashboard dust for luck
    D     Dsus4 D
For luck
    C                              G               A             D     Dsus4 D
But few of them remember me 'cause I was just the driver of that truck

         G                D
Truck of mercy, truck of life
           G                  D
Some man's love or some man's wife
          G                         A
Sometimes up, sometimes down on my luck
           G              D
Big wheels hummin' on the road
        G           D
Headin' for another load
       C                 G                 D     Dsus4 D
And I wouldn't take the world for this old truck
      C                 G                  D     Dsus4 D
No I wouldn't take the world for this old truck

This old truck is filled with music from a beat up radio
Listenin' to the latest records while I head on down the road
Past the scales and the roadblocks to the trucksto where I'll tip that girl a buck
Ha ha, for luck
And I know she'll remember because I am the driver of that truck


      C                 G                 D     Dsus4 D
No I wouldn't take the world for this old truck

Breaker breaker, how about that highway travel?
What's that smokey situation look like up ahead? 
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