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"David Allan Coe"
"This Bottle In My Hand" "W/George Jones"
"CD" "For The Record"
"Transcribe" sanoma@onewest.net

 (Verse 1)
(F)Last week he spent his whole paycheck on(Bb)whiskey.
And I know(F)Friday night he'll(C)do it all a(F)gain.
Oh He'll(F)drink till he falls down. And then(Bb)order
One more(F)round.And then go home with that(C)bottle in
in his(F)hand.

And the only(F)thing I can hold on to is this(Bb)bottle
in my(F)hand.I know i'll never have to share it.
With any other (C)man.
I'm so(F)glad you introduced us.And I'll(Bb)do the best
I(F)can to be(C)faithful to this bottle in my(F)hand.

(Verse 2) *same pattern*
She told him that changing diapers,shure could be a drag.
And to clean the house and cook for him,was not her kind of bag.
She said He needed someone who would love and understand.
And then she left him,with that bottle in his hand.

(Repeat Chorous)
(ending) Yes we'll be thankful for this bottle in our hands.
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