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David Allan Coe Ė The Walls In This House Are Too Thin

               G   A   B      C           Am
I love you, he whispered then I heard you laugh
     D                         G    D
Then silence, then I heard you moan
  G                        C      Am
I tried to pretend, it was only a dream
    D                        G     D
Iíd wake up, and he would be gone.

        G                           C
But The Walls In This House Are Too Thin
  D                         G
I heard every word that was said
                                      C  Am
I kept hoping that you would not give in
        D                           G
But The Walls In This House Are Too Thin.

  G          B             C              Am
I need you I thought, like youíre needing him
     D                   G     D
More silence then I ever heard
  G                      C        Am
I wanted to stop you but I had to know
  D                      G     D
I just had to hear every word.


     G        B           C            Am
Itís over you told me, between you and him
    D                       G     D
But I donít believe that is true
    G                   C      Am
You tried to deny it by lying again
     D                     G     D
Till I told you all that I knew.

Chorus: X2

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