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(E)Jesse she stares like a cat with a bird that has
(A) fallen and broken it's
(E)Terry she puts on her makeup and wonders what
(A)promise the new day will
(Am)Debbie(B) stays home with the(E)baby. While I
(A)work my(B)hands to the(E)bone
(A)I make a living
(E)they do the
(C#)Giving. In a
(A)house we been(B)calling a(E)home.

Just a
(A)house we been(B)trying to(E)live in.Just a
(A)place we been(B)calling our(E)own
(A)Me and my(B)wives have been(E)spending our(C#)lives in a
(A)house we been(B)calling a(E)home.

Jesses the youngest,She always needs answers
To questions that I just don't know.
And Terry she can't sit still for a moment
Shes always in some hurry to go.
Debbie's been with me the longest
WE spend most our time on the phone
Talking in rhymes with no reason in mind
In this house we been calling a home


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