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Capo on the third fret

Am                      C  
In an Alabama graveyard on a December day
G                                F                Am
A young man with a guitar stares in to space and plays                              
C                      G               Em
no one there to listen No on there but him
        F              C                    G               Am
And the Ghost of Hank Williams sings "Your Cheatin Heart" again

C                            G                     Em
Marty Robbins, Pasty Cline, Ernest Tubb, and Red Solvine
       F                G            Am  
Jimmy Rodgers, and old Lefty were my friends.
C                              G                 Em
It's so lonesome here tonight, but someday I'll see the light
         F              C              G                    Am
When the ghost of Hank Williams sings "Your Cheatin Heart" again

Add. Lyrics

It was 2 am in Nashville and the Ryman Stage was bare
There was just a lot of memories from the Opry being there
In the stillness of the morning in a cold December wind
And the Ghost of Hank Williams plays "Your Cheatin Heart" again


There's a DJ in Ohio that recalls that New Years Day
When he had to tell the nation tha his singer passed away
Sometimes when it's late at night he'll let some records spin
And the ghost of Hank Williams sings "Your Cheatin Heart" again


First Verse
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