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"David Allan Coe"
"Tennessee Whisky"
"CD" "For The Record"
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(Verse 1)
(D)I used to spend my(G)nights out in a(D)barroom.
(D)liquer was the only love i've(A)known.
But you(D)rescued me from(G)sinking to the(D)bottom.
(G)Brought me back from being too far(D)gone.

(D)You're as smooth as(G)Tennessee(D)whiskey.
You're as(D)sweet as strawberry(A)wine.
You're as(D)warm as a glass of(G)brandy.
And I stay(D)stoned on your love all the(A)time.

(Verse 2)*same pattern*
I looked for love in all the same old places.
Found the bottom of the bottle always dry.
But when you poured out you're heart.Ididnt waste it.
Cause' theres nothing like your love to get me high.
(repeat chorous) 
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