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Teardrops and Wine
written by David Allan Coe
Album: "For the Soul and For the Mind Demo's of '71-'74"

INTRO: D (once)

             D                          G
Hey this old honky tonk has let me down again
        D                                A
And the bottle hasn't helped at all this time
       D                              G
In the mirror in front of me is that same old fool you see
          A                               D
When your heartaches crave tear drops and wine

   G                            D
So pour another round won't you Wally
Play that old country song one more time
       D                         G
Keep a stiff upper lip, take old Jerry Lee's tip
          A                              D
When your heartaches crave teardrops and wine

              D                               G
Well it's the same old story with a different twist
  D                                 A
I guess I should've saw the danger sign
        D                             G
Well it don't take long I know if there's no place to go
          A                              D
When your heartaches crave teardrops and wine


                            A                               D
I mean to tell ya when your heartaches crave teardrops and wine
Think about it 
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