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David Allan Coe Ė Take Time To Know Her

F    C       Bb 
Take Time To Know Her
F    C       Bb
Take Time To Know Her

F         C     Bb
I found a woman
One I knew I truely loved
        C         Bb
She was everything
I'd ever been dreaming of.

                   C              Bb
But she was bad, I didn't know it
Her pretty smile never did show it
                     C         Bb
All I knew is what I could see
                            F   D
And I knew I wanted her for me.

                   Bb   D
I took her home to mama
                      Bb           D
Mama wanted to see my future bride
Well she looked at us both
Then she called me to her side
She said.

F    C       Bb 
Take Time To Know Her
It's not an overnight thing
F    C       Bb 
Take Time To Know Her
Please don't rush into this thing.

F                      C    Bb
But I didn't listen to mama
I went straight to the church
                        C                          Bb
I just couldn't wait to have a little girl of mine
I couldnít even wait till I got home from work
                        C                      Bb   
The preacher was there, so was my future bride
He looked at us both and then he called me to his side
He said son.


F                 C          Bb
When it look like everything
It looked like everything was gonna turn out all right
                          C    Bb                       F
And then I came home from work, a little early one night
And when I walked into the house 
                         Bb                     F
I saw her there she was, kissiní on another man
                               C                 Bb
Then I knew right then, I knew what my mama meant
When she took me by the hand
And said son. 

Chorus: 2 X

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