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So Tired of Honky Tonks and Wine
written by David Allan Coe
Album: "For the Soul and For the Mind Demo's '71-'74"


     D                              A7
Well I don't need a different woman every night
And I don't need a girl in every town
I just want a woman that will love me right
  A7                                   D
I think it's time this rambler settled down

             D                     A
I'm tired of honky tonk angels and wine
                            A7       D
I just want a woman that is mine all mine
I wish those kind of women weren't so hard to find
    A7                                 D
I'm so tired of honky tonk angels and wine


Well I've met most all my women in a barroom
And all they wanted was a one night stand
But I need love much more than satisfaction
A love that's sealed with a wedding band


           A7                           D     A7-D
Oh yes I'm so tired of honky angels and wine 
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