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David Allan Coe - San Francisco Maybel Joy

   D                       G                            D
My daddy was an honest man, just a redneck Georgia farm boy
My momma spent her short life raisin' kids and bailin' hay
    D                  G                       D
And I was just fifteen, when I ached inside to wonder
                                        C    B       A
So I hoped a freight in Waycross, and I rode it to L.A.
D                                    G                           D
Well, I met a girl known on the strip, as San Franciscoís Maybel Joy
Destitutionís child, born on a L.A. street called Shane
    D                   G                                      D
And sleep came and left, this little Waycross, Georgia country boy
                              C         B   A
Maybel Joy was gone Lord, Iíd never see her again
G                                             D
Growiní up came quietly in the arms of Maybel Joy
Laughter found our morning's, brought new meaning to my life
G                                           D
I woke up one day, Lord, to find that I was by myself
                             A                D
With dreams of Georgia cotton, and California wine
       G                                                      D
Sunday mornin' found me standin' 'neath the red-light of her door
Right Cross sent me reelin', laid me face down on the floor
   G                                          D
In place of Maybel Joy I found a merchant mad marine
                                                   C    B     A
Who said, "your Georgia neck is red, but, son here your still green."

D                        G                     D           
Well, I turned twenty-one, in Grey Rock federal prison
                                   C  B              A
The judge, he had no mercy on this Waycross, Georgia boy
D                  G                    D
Sometimes at night, in silence Lord I'd listen
                                 A              D
That same old freight to take me back to Maybel Joy
G                                                 D
Cold nights had no pity on this Waycross, Georgia farm boy
Springtime turned to summer, and then the winter came
G                                                     D
Starin' at those four grey walls in silence Lord, I'd listen
Somewhere in the distance to the whistle of the train
G                                                      D
Sunday mornin' found me standin' 'neath the red-light of her door
With a bullet in my side I cried "have you seen Maybel Joy
G                                                          D
Stunned and shaken someone said, "son, she don't live here no more"
                                  C             B       A
She left this town ten years ago, I heard she's lookiní for
             G         D G D      
Some Georgia farm boy.

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