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David Allan Coe 
Sad Country Song

If you're feeling lonely
And think you're the only, one left
That's alone in a bar
If need somebody
With shoulders to cry on
     E 	            A
Well baby Iím not very far 

D 	  	  	  	    A
Just look for my name on a jukebox
When you're tired of being alone
Put in a dime
And Iíll take the time
To sing you 
  E           A
A Sad Country Song

D A E A 

If you started drinkiní
Still can't stop thinkiní
D 	  	  	           A
About all those long nights alone
If tear drops start falliní
And you keep on calliní
   E 	  	  	          A
To find out there's nobody home

     A           E           A
Iíll sing you, a Sad Country Song

?'s buffdixie@yahoo.com 
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