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David Allan Coe Ė Rings Around Rosie

G                          C
Donít mention Rings Around Rosie
G                         D
She wonít play that game again
G                         C
Itís gonna take more than posies
    G        D         G
For Rosie to trust any man.

G              C
Rosie tends to judge all men
D                    G
By what one fool has done
Sheís payiní for her big mistake
    D                   G
She says that gamesí no fun.


G            C
I know Rosie loves me 
         D               G
And Iíll ask her for her hand
But not today, sheíd run away
D                       G
Her heart needs time to mend.

G              C
Sheíll be mine given time
     D                     G
If I jump the gun weíll be through
I love that girl with all my heart
D                     G
Thatís why Iím askiní you.


         G                  C
When the time is right Iíll ask her
         D          G
She gave up on matrimony
She needs time to find out
D             G
My love isnít phoney.


G                             C
You say youíre just tryiní to help me

    D                        G
You say you donít mean to be nosey
If what you say is true, then Iím begginí you  
D                          G
Donít mention Rings Around Rosie.

G                             C
If what you say is true, then Iím begginí you
      D                       G
Donít mention no Rings Around Rosie.

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