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Ride Me Down Easy
written by Billy Joe Shaver
tabbed 6/19/05

    E                       A
Hey ride me down easy Lord ride me on down
       B7                       E
Leave word in the dust where I lay
         E          A
Say I'm easy come, easy go
    B7                   E
And easy to love when I stay

            E                    A
This old highway is hotter than nine kinds of hell
         B7                       E
And the rice is as scarce as the rain
            E                               A
When you're down to your last shuck with nothin' to sell
            B7                    E
And you're too far away from the train

It's been a good month of Sundays and a guitar ago
I had a tall drink of yesterday's wine
Left a long line of friends, some sheets in the wind
And some satisfied women behind, so won't you



I've seen fire on the mountain I raised hell on the hill
I locked horns with the devil himself
I've been a rodeo bum I'm a son of a gun
And a hobo with stars in his crown, so won't you


               E (let ring)
Well won't you ride me down easy Lord

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