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A                       D            E       A
Judy, I feel weary now, older than a man of 33
                                     D            E               A
The gates of Hell just opened, after 20 years the warden says I'm free
Revenge was all I wanted
       D                   E                   A
When I killed the man that took your life that day
                                  D                   E                   A
I've had my satisfaction, but the price was more than love should have to pay

E                                       D
Lord knows you weren't no lady, and the witnesses
    E                A
All swore you was to blame

And the way you teased the menfolk,

    D                           A              E
The jury all agreed you knew no shame, knew no shame.

Second verse:
Well I'm glad that you can't see me now
You'd probably say I do not look my best
Those lawyers took my money, and that Louisiana road gang took the rest

And Judy I can't even conjure up your picture in my mind today
Lately I've been thinkin' what a fool I was to love you anyway

Last verse:
Well it all seems kind of useless
As I place these flowers on your grave today
I don't know what I'm doing here,
I've forgotten all the things I came to say
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