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Artist: David Allan Coe
Song: Piece Of Wood And Steel 
Album: Once Upon A Rhyme
Composer: Richard Dobson

Verse 1
Am                                               C
I can feel your arms around me like it was yesterday
      G                                                      Am
I can feel your breathin' next to me, and hear your laughter gay

You tried to tell me what was right and I told you what was real
G                                                 Am
All I ever live for now is this piece of wood and steel

Verse 2 - Half step higher
Am                                                       C         
In a world that's full of trouble, a world that's full of pain,lord
G                                              Am          
Many fall beside the road, and they never rise again.

Many more are bended low or broken at their will
G                                               Am
All I need to carry on is this piece of wood and steel

Verse 3 - Half step higher
Bm                                                   D
I was born my mother's only son she loves me all she can,
          A                                        Bm
but there isnt much to say to her since I became a man

I often met the devil, but I never made a deal
       A                                                       Bm
I just thank the lord for hands to play this piece of wood and steel

Verse 4 - Half step higher 
Cm                                                        D
It's face is scarred and beaten,like the ragged clothes I wear
         A                                            Cm
Like the body that god gave me, I might give it better care

But I play it for the ladies and I play it for a meal
  A                                                               Cm
I play the strings just to hear 'em ring on this piece of wood and steel.

Verse 5 - Half step higher 
Cm                                                       E
I'm growin' tired of searchin' now there's nothing more I crave
B                                                     Cm      
Give or take a little time and you can write it on my grave

There's nothin' more that I care to own, nothin' left to feel
B                                            Cm
All I ever wanted was this piece of wood and steel

Half step higher (Dm F C Dm C Dm)
Play that guitar


Repeat Verses 1, 2 and 3 all in Dm

I'll be playin' this guitar till the day I die.
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