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David Allan Coe - Only God Knows Why
Capo 1

E       	  	          B
I've been sittin?here, tryin?to find myself
         A 	  	           E
Get behind myself, I need to rewind myself.

                    E 	                  B
Lookin?for the payback, listen to the playback
                   A                                    E
They say that every man bleeds just like me.
 	    E   	  	          B
And I feel like number one, even when I'm last in line
             A 	                               E
I hold my youngest son, helps to pass the time.
             E                          B
I take too many pills, tryin?to ease the pain
                         A                              E
I made a couple of dollar bills, I still act the same

                E 	   	      B
Everybody knows my name, they yell it way out loud
A  	  	    	  	  	 E
People try to comfort me, but it's hard to hang out in a crowd
E  	  	  	           B
I guess that's the price you pay, to be some big star like I am
Outstreched stands and one night stands
Still I can't buy love
 	    D   A 	                  E
No I canít buy love, no I canít buy love

C#m  	  	       B                                    
When it all comes tumbling down
C#m                 B        
I will always be around

E 	  	        B
People don't know about the things I say and do
          A                                      E
They don't understand about the hard times that I've been through
     E                            B            
It's been so long, since I've been home
A                      	  	                 E       
I've been gone now....I've been gone much too long
E                                         B
Maybe I forgot, all things I miss
      A                            	  	              E
But in my heart I know there's more to life than this
D 	          A
More to life than this

C#m 	  	              B
And when it all comes tumbling down
C#m                         B        
I will still be hangin?around
E  	  	                 B
I said it too many times, and I still stand firm
        A (electric till last verse) 	  
You get what you put in, givin?these people get what they deserve
Givin?them what they deserve

 E 	  	   B
Still I ain't seen light, for days and nights
 A 	                     E
My life is a stage full of flashing lights 
People talk about me, but I donít cry
A 	  	            E
Just keep on walking, with my head held high
E 	               B 	  	  	                 E
I canít lose it all but Only God Knows, Only God Knows Why
                   D   A 	                   E
Why, why, why, Only God Knows Why

E       	  	           B
I've been sittin?here, tryin?to find myself
           A 	  	            E
Get behind myself, I need to rewind myself.

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