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D                 G                 D
Grandpa I've been thinking 'bout you lately
  D                 G                   A
Wondering if you've found your peace of mind
  D                 G                 D
I guess you'd be be proud to know your grandson
  G                 Em 	       A
Never crossed the Mason/Dixon Line

     G               A                 G      D
    I still sing the old song that you taught me
     G               A            D
    I still pray to Jesus now and then
     G               A            G    D
    Just like you i wish he would save me
     G                 Em               A  
    To see the day the south would rise again

Verse II.            
D               G                D
Daddy wore his purple heart so proudly
D               G           A
Long before I turned into a man
D               G                D
Buried with our flag across his casket
G               Em          A
I was still too young to understand


D                 G                  D
Grandpa I've been thinking bout you lately 
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