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David Allan Coe - Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat

 	              Am    D
Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat
On the woman I love so
 	  	  	     Am     D
And if I die between these sheets
I pray to God she’ll never know

G 	                     Am    D
She’s the best thing in his life
Why she worships the ground that he walks on

G 	                            Am     D
She waits up for him at night and worries
                 G    Am
Till he’s safely home
                                 D                     Am
She always believes his stories about workin’ over time    	  	  	     
And in 20 years beside him
D                               G Am
Cheatin’s never crossed her mind

          D          G
Ah but it crossed his
Early last summer
In the person of a neighbor
                    Am     D  G
She still calls her friend
And with a little push from drinkin’ one too many
One night in the fall, he gave in
And now, he wishes he could stop himself
But there’s no easy way
So he lays down with his lover
And silently he prays


Ab                    Db
In his heart and soul
   Eb 	  	  	  	                Ab
He knew he was playin’ a game he could never win
But ya know, forbidden fruit is sweet
           Eb                        Ab              Db
Why it was sweet enough to make him risk it all again

And now, he’s given up on lookin’ 
for a way to fight the feelin’
So he prays this simple pray
And hopes it makes its makes it past the motel ceilin’

 	              Db    Eb
Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat
On the woman I love so
 	  	  	     Db     Eb
And if I die between these sheets
I pray to God she’ll never know

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