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Quitting work early, Jimmy went home,
    C                       G
But he never knocked on the door.
C                    G
Catching his wife in another man's arms,
A                       D
Acting like some stupid whore.
He picked up his pride and took it outside.
   C                      G
He just had to have him a drink.
         C                     G
With his hand on his pistol he walked in a bar
                   D          G
And that's when he started to think

This life is turning from better to worse,
    C                           G
The whole damn world's crazy he swore.
What the hell's happening, Jesus Christ?
Ain't there nothing sacred no more?
        G                                               C                       G 
(chorus)Ain't there nothing sacred no more, lord, ain't there nothing sacred no more?
                                 C                                      G
What the hell's happening, Jesus Christ?  Ain't there nothing sacred no more.

Seeking repentence, she went to the church.
Expression was good for the soul.
The preacher undressed her, and then he blessed her,
By putting his faith in her hole.
Two hours later, feeling the guilt,
She finally confessed to the crime.
Then you could see how they believed she wasn't out of her mind.
What kind of preacher could stoop low enough
To make love to some common whore?
What the hell's happening, Jesus Christ?
Ain't there nothing sacred no more?

(repeat chorus 2x)
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