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My Foolish Heart to Blame
written by David Allan Coe
Album: "For the Soul and For the Mind Demo's '71-'74"

     D                                 G
I've loved you from the first day that I saw you
    A7                                  D
But more than that I think you feel the same
                                      G              Em
So when I do these little things that hurt you, like I do
       A7                           D
You've only got my foolish heart to blame

   G                                  D
If loving you's a crime, I must plead guilty
If wanting you's a sin, I feel no shame
   D                                G              Em
If morning finds a teardrop on this letter, and it will
       A7                            D
You'll only have my foolish heart to blame

I can't believe how much I need you near me
Your love is like a scorching ball of flame
So if you get upset each time I touch you, like I do
You'll only have my foolish heart to blame


       A7                            D
You'll only have my foolish heart to blame 
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