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Capo 1

Intro: Bm E A E A Bm E A D E A

N/C                 Bm
Mona Lisa lost her smile
E                                A    E A
The painter's hands are trembling now
And if she's out there running wild
E                             A    D E A
It's just because I taught her how
The masterpiece that we had planned
E                          A      E A
Is laying shattered on the ground
Mona Lisa lost her smile
E                                     A   D E A
And the painter's hands are trembling now

Verse I:
N/C                       Bm
And the eyes that used to burn for me
E                             A
Now they no longer look my way
And the love that used to be
B7                             E
Why, it just got lost in yesterday
N/C         A                     Bm
And if she seems cold to the touch
E                         A
Well there used to burn a flame
I gave too little, took too much
B7                          E
'Til I erased the painter's name


Chorus instrumental

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