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Mississippi Woman--David Allan Coe
written by DAC
corrections welcome.
tabbed 4/23/05


Mississippi woman with your long black hair
Gee I really miss you baby and I wish that you were here
How you used to love me woman every lonely night
With your lips so tender baby and your eyes so bright
Thought I'd write a letter just to let you know
Mississippi woman baby that I love you so, child

Got into some trouble down in Mexico
I robbed a man in San Juan and I shot a guy called Joe
Now I'm being hunted and the law is on my trail
Next I write you woman I guess I'll be in jail
Mississippi woman try to understand
Please don't sit around and weep for this lonely man

Caught me in Kentucky judge gave me a dime
Bought a hacksaw from a trustee and I got away that time
Right now I'm in Florida on my way to Tennessee
Mississippi woman baby save your love for me child



E                  A
Mississippi woman, Mississippi woman
E                    A
Mississippi woman, Mississippi woman 
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