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Mary Magdalene
By David Allan Coe
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

D                                         C 
She walks the streets in silence till the early morning light
D                              C           A
Daytime never sees her she's a lady of the night
     G                                           D
Some say that her profession is a low down dirty shame
D                                     A                   D 
Some folks say she's just some hippie chick that's half insane

    A                              G                 D
She talked to me about someone she called the son of man
    G                D                             A
She told me things I wasn't quite prepared to understand
   G                                   D 
Perhaps she was a vision of delirium I seen
     D                                 A         D
This prostitute I met last night named Mary Magdalene
I told a friend about the strange experience I had
With Benzedrine indifference he assured me I was mad
His dad had been a preacher, quoted scr i ptures from his head
Disbelief was on his face especially when I said
With hepatitis eyelids I went trippin' down the street
The local Catholic Mission offered rest for weary feet
The Priest heard my confession, while his breath smelled just like wine
He gave me the impression I was wastin' sacred time
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