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David Allan Coe - Lyin’ Comes So Easy To Your Lips

G                           E    C
Lyin’ Comes So Easy To Your Lips girl
D                                    C    G
Cheating drips right off your finger tips girl
Everything about you lets me know
Just how far you’ll really go
Honey you know all the tricks
Lyin’ Comes So Easy To Your Lips.

I could smell the whiskey on your breathe when you came in
     C                                    G
Even though you swore you never touched a drop
Your dress was kinda wrinkled and your makeup was smeared a little
         Bb                               D
And your hair looked like he tied it in a knot
Your wedding ring looked guilty
As it sparkled on your finger
        C             D              G
I could almost see it laughing in my face 
Knowing that your secret
Wasn’t secret any longer
       A                                D
It was plain to see someone had took my place 
You knew all the answers to the questions I was asking
     C                 D               G
Your excuses seemed to compliment your lies
There’s no use pretending
G                    C
This old heart ain’t mending
G                  D       G
It took me much to long to realize that.


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