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(Intro) She's just a tear I used to cry
Long before we said goodbye
      A7                             D
Now she's just a lady that I used to know

When the bottle took her place
She was a mirror I had to face
      A7                               D
And a dream I dared to dream some time ago.

D                                           A7
I lost her eyes to a whole bunch of Pina Coladas
After a few Margaritas I took all the blame
For drinking Manhattans at three in the morning I lost her
Between the Vodka and the Gin and the Beer and Champagne

I lost her lips late one night on a Strawberry Daiquiri
Jack Daniels, Whiskey and Rum couldn't help me that time
I lost her arms and her hands to a glass of Tequila
I lost her heart and her soul in a bottle of Wine

I lost a bet that our love would last forever
Sloe Gin and Tonic was making my heart hard to find
With two Bloody Mary's I ran out of Vodka this morning
Losing my chances of drinking her off of my mind. 
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