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David Allan Coe - Loneliness In Ruby's Eyes
Capo 1


D                 C#               Bm
They say she came all the way from Dallas
    F#m             E            D                 A
But I see more than Texas in the hard times on her face
    D              C#                  Bm
And every song she sings brings back a hundred thousand memories
   D             F#m                   A
Of another girl, another time, another place.

    G                 A           D            G
She does not have the body of the woman I once loved
    D                         A      D
But she's still the girl that I once idolized
    D               G              A               D
And I swear I see a little bit, of every girl I've known
       C                    D            C                    D
In the Loneliness of Ruby's Eyes, in the Loneliness of Ruby's Eyes.

D                               Bm
Kinfolks say she's had a lot of lovers
    F#m                E                 A
And love don't leave a woman filled with shame
    D               C#                 Bm
And I've heard tell she had a child in Dallas
    F#m            E                A
And all the men in Houston know her name.


       C                    D            C                    D
In the Loneliness of Ruby's Eyes, in the Loneliness of Ruby's Eyes.

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