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David Allan Coe - Living On The Run
Capo 1

A E F#m D A E

A                      E
Seems like it's rainin' harder today
The rain must of known I was comin' this way
         D                   A
It ain't easy, Living On The Run
If I pick up my step and pull my belt down tight
I can make it to the border by Saturday night
         D                     A
And it's lonely, Living On The Run.

I killed me a woman in Tennessee
I just broke jail and they're gunnin' for me
           A  E               F#m
I'm on the run, Living On The Run
           A  E               F#m
I'm on the run, Living On The Run.

   A                        E
My woman wanted more than a man could steal
From the bottom of the decks where I learned to deal
       D                     A
And it got me, Living On The Run
Women love an outlaw I heard folks say
And I'll be an outlaw till my dying day
         D                     A
Cause it got me, Living On The Run.


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