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  ARTIST   "David Allan Coe"
  TITLE     "Laid Back And Wasted"
  TRANSCRIBE sanoma@

   (Bb)laid back and wasted driven to drinkin' 
       A woman ain't nothin to
   (F)lose.Don't ever doubt it i'll live with 
      out it. I'll igve you the
   (Bb)I spent a lifetime looking for the answers
       somewhere in search of my
   (F)soul.I lost it in Nashville I found it in Austin
      I sold it in New Mexi
   Ten thousand miles of road dust can't cover,
   The scars that I put on my arms.
   And the bridges I'm burning will never erase,
   The scars that they've put on my heart.

   Dyin' looks easy driften gets harder
   I don't know which one to choose.
   Don't ever doubt it I'll live without it
   I'll give you the blues.
(repeat verse 1) 
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