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Just To Prove My Love For You
By David Allan Coe

I could walk across Kansas in a New York minute
          C                         G
Climb the Colorado mountains in the fall

Crawl through Arizona like a flatland lizard
     A7                               D
If I thought itís do many any good at all
I could swim Lake Erie with my hands tied behind me
      C                          G
Eat a West Virginia coal minerís shoe
Drink the Mississippi River if it took a month of Sundays
        D                 G 
Just to prove my love for you

C                         G
I remember well the first time that I kissed you
      D                               G  
Cause things ainít been the same ever since
C                              G
Got me thinkingí I could eat a ten-penny nail
    A7                   D
And spit out a barbwire fence
Well there ainít a liviní creature gonna ever come between us
    C                                  G
Iíd fight lions, snakes and go-rillas, too
   C                     G
If that ainít enough Iíd start all over
        D                 G
Just to prove my love for you

I would ride my pony through the eye of a hurricane
Climb Mt. Everest on a string
Jump Niagra Falls in a burniní barrel
And bring you back a hoops full of rings
Wrassle alligators in the Okeefenokee
Thereís nothing that I wouldnít do
If youíd just say the word, Iíll catch that great speckled bird
And bring it back to you

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