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David Allan Coe – Juanita

E A E B7 E B7

Well I’m finally gettin’ used to the water
The way the tarantulas bite
Those Federalais didn’t believe I
Only came her to watch the bulls fight
Tell my mother, I need a good lawyer
Tell my father I’m getting a tan
                      E            C#
My sleepy siesta down south of the boarder
   A           B7          E
Is taking more time then I planned.

   A           B7     E
Oh Juanita somebody betrayed me
        A         B7           E
They’re giving me ten years to life
A         B7          E    C#
Juanita I need you to save me
  A            B7          E
I promise I’ll make you my wife.

I got a big house in Milwaukee
With a color TV and a pool
Mahogahide bar and a Cadillac car
Juanita, they’re waiting for you
Tie the burro up down in the courtyard
To keep the guard busy tonight
When you bring my dinner 
     E        C#
Make sure the tortia 
   A             B7       E
Is filled with a gun or a knife.


Juanita, you’ll love Wisconsin
Wisconsin is gonna love you

Yes, all of Milwaukee speaks Spanish
Of course you’re gonna wear American shoes

Lake Michigan tastes like tequila
Frayholay’s, why they grow they’re own trees
                         E            C# 
You can say adios to the pigs and the goats
          A            B7            E
If you’ll just do this one thing for me.


A E B E A E B7 E A E B7 E A E B7 E A E B7 E
Juanita, I-I swear it was all a mistake
You see, I was drowning out there in the ocean
And I saw this bale coming by man so I grabbed it
And I climbed on top of it and I found this stick 
And I rowed myself into shore and when I got there the boarder control Was waiting for me at the…
I didn’t know what it was, I promise you
If you’ll just marry me I can be a citizen of Mexico 
I’d take you to Milwaukee, you can meet all my friends 
They got these big shiny motorcycles and you can ride on the back of ‘em Really, Juanita would I lie to you.

?'s buffdixie@yahoo.com

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