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"David Allan Coe"
"Jack Daniels If You Please"
"CD" "For The Record"
"Transcribe" sanoma@onewest.net
(D)Jack Daniels if you(G)please.(A)Knock me to my(D)knees.
(Em)you're the only(G)friend there has ever(A)been.
(A)That didn't do me(D)wrong.
(D)Jack Daniels if you(G)please.(A)Knock me to my(D)knees.
(Em)You can kill this(G)pain that's driving me in(A)sane.
(A)since my babys(D)gone.
(D)Cigarettes and(G)whiskey(A)calm my shaking(D)hands.
(D)I just lost a(G)lover(A)to a one night (D)stand.
(D)Something temp(C)orra(G)ry.
(G)Too late I had to(D)learn.
(G)Someone from her(A)past,who said it couldn't(D)last.
(A)A bridge she couldn't(D)burn.
*repeat(1) Same pattern*
(3)*Same Pattern As 2*
Promises were broken,dreams were left to die.
Empty words were spoken,tears were in our eyes.
Something temporrary,those tears will fade away.
Do the best you can, to help me understand.
These games that people lay.
(repeat 1)

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