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Itís A Sad Situation
By David Allan Coe
CD: DAC - 1982
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

Capo 3
       D             G
It's a sad situation, it never gets better
A                     D             
Lovin and losin's the same as it's over for 
G                        A
Reasons we just can't explain
      D                     G
Gotta hold onto somethin we both don't believe in
     A                   D                      G
Each other no longer, no way to keep livin with both of ya givin 
     A                     D
Your debts to the devil to pay

So you take the questions 
And give me the answers 
   A                             D
We both know they're one and the same
While searching for heaven 
Our love went to hell
     A                     D              G 
With nothing and no one to blame but each other
        D           A         D 
There's nothing and no one to blame

It's a sad situation, it never gets better. 
When pleasure and pain's the same kinda feelin 
And sunshine's no different than rain
So let's stop pretending this love is not over
Each other no longer no way to keep livin with both of us knowin 
We broke off the rules in the game

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