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David Allan Coe - If This Is Just A Game
Capo 2

E                    F#m      A       B             E
If I give my love to you girl, will I get love in return
                     F#m  A       B          E
Or will I just get a fire, for as long as it will burn?
                      F#m   A        B           E
Iím not looking for a lover, I don't even want a friend
                    F#m    A        B          E
I want this to last forever, and forever never ends.

Donít tell me lies or hypnotize me with your eyes
While saying that you need me
If this is just a one night stand
Iíd rather turn around and walk away
Donít hold me in your arms and run your fingers thought my hair
If you don't love me
If This Is Just A Game well honey
I don't think I really care to play.

                 F#m                   B                          E
Iíve trusted you before, babe (trusted you) and you always let me down
                     F#m     B                           E
I came back to you believing, I was more than j-ust your clown
                   F#m              B                            E
You say it will be different, (this time) this time your love is real
                      F#m       B                          E
Honey don't make me believe you, if that ain't the way you feel.

Chorus: X2

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