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David Allan Coe - Houston, Dallas, San Antone

G     G/F#     Em            C
I got drunk in Austin, Texas
                     G         D    C
I missed my plane in North Carolina
                G           A             D    G
Spent all of my money, on a long distance call
     G/F#         Em            C
Huntsville Prison walls so high
                G       D   C
Iím so lonesome I could die
                 G             D
You could make a grown man cry
              G  G A B D 
If you wanted to.

G              Am            D
Say goodbye to Houston for me
                C     G    
Give my best to San Antone
                      Am             D
Tell Dallas thereís a change in plans
I wonít be cominí home.

G      G/F#     Em             C
Dallas lives in Winston, Salem
                    G       D     C
We got married in a West Virginia
                 G           A          D    G
Then we moved to Texas, on a fifty-acre farm
           G/F#     Em        C
I robbed a bank and shot a man
            G          C
Ended up in Birmingham
              G              D
But I guess I tipped my hand
                    G   G A B D
And wound up in the pen. 


 G      G/F#  Em              C
Houston is my oldest daughter
                       G        D    C
Says sheís leaviní for New York City
                     G      A              D    G
Sheís gonna make her living, raising for a star
    G/F#     Em         C
San Antoneís my only son
                      G              C
Please donít tell him what Iíve done
                 G         D
Or that I had to use my gun
                   G    G A B D
Or that I killed a man.

Chorus: X3

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