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Once upon a timeI had a little money.
Government burglars took it long
Before I could mail it to you.
Stillyou are the only one.
Now I canít let it slip away.
So if the man with the ticker tape
He tries to take it
Well this is what Iím gonna say.

Blame it on cain.
Donít blame it on me.
Ohohitís nobodyís fault
But we need somebody to burn.

Well if I was a saint with
A silver cup
And the money got low
We could always heat it up
Or trade it in.
But then the radio to heaven will be wired to your purse.
And then you can run down the wave band
Coast to coasthand in hand.
Better or worsecurse for curse
Donít be dissatisfied.
So youíre not satisfied.


I think Iíve lived a little too long
On the outskirts of town
I think Iím going insane
From talking to myself for so long.
Oh but Iíve never been accused.
When they step on your face
You wear that good look grin.
I gotta break out one weekend
If I do somebody in.
But every single time
I feel a little stronger
They tell me itís a crime.
Well how much longer?

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