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Hank Williams Junior--Junior--David Allan Coe, feat. Kris Kristofferson and Dickey Betts
written by D. Betts/B. Bramlett
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  G                                     C     G
I ain't gonna call Hank Williams Jr. "Junior" anymore
                                      C          D
He done more I know than what all his daddy done before
G                                     D                   C
Hank weighs close to 200 pounds and stands about six foot four
         G                               C        D  G
And it's hard to call Hank Williams Jr. "Junior" anymore

G                           C                 G
Just a little bit of Waylon sure goes a long way
                                      C                D
But ol' Tex Ritter rode his horse and that was hell to pay
G                               C          D
Willie said don't nobody lay a hand on the bay
G                                         C        D    G
Jimmie Rogers is the only reason that I'm standin here today

Dickey Betts!


G                                     C                         G
Hank sang it all right from the heart took the whole world by surprise
                                          C                          D
Stood right next to Elvis in Memphis and looked him straight in the eyes
G                               C                 D
Ten years later young Bocephus busted through the door
      G                                   C      D  G
And I just can't call Hank Williams Jr. "Junior" anymore


     G                        C                 D
From Alabama young Bocephus busted through the door
       G                                  C       D G
And I just can't call Hank Williams Jr. "Junior" anymore

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