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David Allan Coe – Granny’s Off Her Rocker


E                                   A
Grandma she just sits there in that rocking chair all day
     E                                                 B
They say she lost the will to live when grandpa pasted away
       A                                    E               A
Then a young man selling pots and pans came knocking at her door
E                                B          E 
Granny don’t waste precious time rocking anymore.

A                               E
Granny’s Off Her Rocker and the family is upset
A                             E            B
She took her life savings and bought a red corvette
E                                                      A
There’s talk of putting her away, her new lifestyles a shocker
B                                                       E      B E
Since she met this man they’re sayin’, Granny’s Off Her Rocker.

A                                 E
Granny’s Off Her Rocker and she’s havin’ herself a ball
      A                                 E                 B
She’s dancin’ now and drinkin’ wine and that surprised us all
    E                                           A 
She never used to say a word, now she’s quite a talker
    B                                                          E    B E
She told her family where to go, and they thinks she’s Off Her Rocker.

E                                                          A
Her license plate says “Eat My Dust”, she’s drinkin’ Hiram Walker
      B                                                 E
There ain’t no doubt in no one’s mind, Granny’s Off Her Rocker.

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