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Fuzzy Was An Outlaw--David Allan Coe
written by DAC
corrections welcome.
tabbed 4/29/05

INTRO: D G D    D G D    D G D   D G D

D                    G
Fuzzy was an outlaw, swamp rat born and raised
D                   G               A7
Bought a motorcycle in his younger days
G                D           G               D
He rode it to Kentucky and joined the outlaw band
D                G             A7               D
Fuzzy taught me how to make a livin' off the land

G             D                G           D
Fuzzy ran the tractor in the early mornin' dew
D                D                    G                 A7
Taught me how to plant the crops and showed me what to do
G                   D                   G          D
Stitch and Stu sat on the porch while Debbie fixed a meal
D              G                    A7             D
Turpentine my old brown horse was grazin' in the field


D                                G
Fuzzy's hair was longer than the outlaws that I knew
D                               G              A7
Dirty blond and curly, wearin' pants of faded blue
   D                                G
A bearfoot bearded swamp rat but a man above all others
D              G               A                 D
Never was the kind to turn his back upon his brothers
G                    A7                  D
Fuzzy was an outlaw, swamp rat born and raised

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