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(A) (E) (A)
(D)Face to face, (A)toe to toe
(E)Where we'll stop, (A)heven knows
(D)Arm in arm, (A)cheek to cheek, (E)who's to blame
(A)Hand in hand, heart to heart
(D)We never should have let it (A)start
But its too late, we've shared it all
(E)Now it;s time to share the (A)blame

Verse 1:
(A)I can feel your body trimble
As I hold you in my arms
For you know, another woman has (E)my name
Now (A)she knows it's you and me
But she don't (D)want to set me (A)free
We've shared it all, now it's (E)time to share the (A)blame

Repeat Chorus:
Repeat Chorus:
(D)Face to face, (A)toe to toe
(E)Where we'll stop
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