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Don't You Cry (featuring Tyler Coe)
written by David Allan Coe
Album: "For the Soul and For the Mind Demo's of '71-'74" (newly recorded track)



          D                         G
I've been thinkin' lately about the Other Side
Asus2                             D
Wonderin' where my daddy went the day he died
D                              G
Lookin' at my daughters and my two young sons
Asus2                             D
Wishin' I could live to see what they become

          D                       G
Don't you cry, children don't you cry
          Asus2                      D
Don't you cry, my children don't you cry
   D                               G
We have to pay the piper don't you understand
    Asus2                        D
The day your daddy dies a boy becomes a man

There's no justice for the rigtheous or the wicked either one
And the questions will be answered by my daughters or my sons
So don't you cry, children don't you cry
I'll see you in the sweet by and by


I've been starin' at tomorrow knowin' it might never come
I've been talkin' about salvation, thinkin' I might get me some
It's so hard to beat the devil when he don't play by the rules
And I know that the Savior has a special place for fools

             D                       G
So don't you cry, children don't you cry
          Asus2                   D
Don't you cry, children don't you cry

I won't cry, father I won't cry
I was with you when my grandpa died
And I'll see him on the other side
We'll all meet in the sweet by and by

Now don't cry son, don't cry
Wipe those teardrops from your eyes
I'll see you in the sweet by and by
So don't cry, son please don't cry

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