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Be Careful of Stones that You Throw--David Allan Coe
written by Hank Williams (I think)
Corrections welcome.

   F            C        F          C
A tongue can accuse and carry bad news
     F          C            G7
The seed of distrust it will sow
     F               C          G7            F
But unless you have made no mistakes in your life
    C           G7    F        C
Be careful of stones that you throw

Why a neighbor lady was passin' my garden one time
And she stopped and I knew right away
      G7          F
That gossip not flowers she had on her mind
And this is what I heard her say
She said, you know that girl down the street, David Allan?
She should be run from our 'midst
Why, she drinks and she talks quite a lot
G7                                  F
Well she knows not to speak to my child or to me
And my neighbor then smiled, and I thought


Well a car speeding by and the screaming of brakes
A screamin' that made my blood chill
       G7                             F
And my neighbor's one child had been pulled from the path
And saved by a girl that was lyin' still
And the child was unhurt and my neighbor cried out, she said
Oh who was that brave girl so sweet
G7                           F
And I covered the crushed broken body and said,
Why that was that bad girl that lived down the street



F 	 xx3211
C 	 x32010
G7 	 320001 
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