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Dan Fogelberg - This Endris Night guitar tab

-transcribed by Greg Steele - http://www.gregorysteele.com

gsteele@steelerubber.com - 73522.2331@compuserve.com

"This Endris Night" - Traditional - arranged by Dan Fogelberg 1999

Standard tuning - Capo 7th fret

G D Em Bm

This Endris night I saw a sight


A star as bright as day

C G Am Em

And 'ere among a maiden sang


Lullay bye bye lullay

This lovely lady sat and sang

And to her child did say

"My son; my brother; father, dear

Why liest thou thus in hay?"

The child then spoke in His talking

And to His mother said,

"Yea, I am known as Heaven's King

Though I in crib be laid"

Methinks it right that king or knight

Should lie in good array

And then among, it were no wrong

To sing bye bye lullay

"Mary, mother, I am that child

Though I be laid in stall

For lords and dukes shall worship me

And so shall kinges all"

"Now tell, sweet son, I thee do pray

Thou art my love and dear

How should I keep thee to thy pay

And make thee glad of cheer?"

"My dear mother, thou hold me warm

And keep me night and day

And if I weep and may not sleep

Thou sing, bye bye lullay

Thou sing, bye bye lullay

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