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Dan Fogelberg - The Lions Share guitar tab

-transcribed by Greg Steele -

gsteele@steelerubber.com - 73522.2331@compuserve.com

"The Lion's Share" - Dan Fogelberg 1981

C Am

Grand slam, your moment's at hand

Em F

The day holds a costly bargain

C Am Em

Lost lamb, asking the lion's share

C Am

Homespun, a prodigal son, comes

Em F

Begging a humble pardon

C Am Em

But no one rises to hear his prayer

Lone star, you've wandered so far

And long in the unfamiliar

That now you travel a map unknown

Starbright, a constant delight

To those in the dark and still your

Birthright's to shine in the night alone

F E Am Am/G Am

Living in the shadows of the things that might have been

F E Am

Torn between the blessing and the curse

F E Am Am/G Am

You may stop the hunger but you'll never slake the thirst

F C Dm E

For the nectar you remember but you'll never taste again

Nonesuch, your Midas' touch

Has gilded your heart and left you

So much playing the prince of clowns

Hellbent, empty and spent

Just look what your gamble's got you

Exile far from the sacred grounds

repeat first three lines, bang on the Em for a few bars and

then kind of alternate between Em and Bm for a fade out.

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