Dan Fogelberg

Dan Fogelberg - The Last to Know

I know it's hard to believe

When your eyes just can't see

So lean on Me

I have not disappeared

And I can see you from here

Tears are blinding you from the truth

Oh, I'm right here in front of you

Won't you reach out and take My hand

Don't be afraid of love

Don't be afraid of love

I'll know you'll find your strength again

Don't lose your faith

Don't be afraid

There are questions on your face

With no answers in place

So just believe

For tomorrow will come

And with it, the morning sun

Oh, I hop you will let Me in

That's when the healing begins

There's a wall surrounding you

Love alone can make it through

You're caught up in the circle you drew

And when your world starts tumbling' there for you

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