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Dan Fogelberg - The Last Nail guitar tab

-transcribed by Greg Steele -

gsteele@steelerubber.com - 73522.2331@compuserve.com

"The Last Nail" by Dan Fogelberg

I play the intro kind of like this: (first try at tab, please forgive errors)

h=hammer on

p=pull off


E 0---------------|----------------|2------------1--|---------1------|

B 1------1--------|1---------------|3-------3----1--|---------1------|

G 0------h2-------|0---------------|2-------2----2--|---------0-h2p0-|

D 2---------------|---2---0h2p0----|0--0-h2p0----3--|---------3------|

A 3---------------|3------------3--|X------------3--|---------3------|

E X---------------|X---------------|X------------X--|----------------|

C Am Em

I saw you running ahead of the crowd,


I chased but never thought I'd catch you,

C Am Em

You said you loved me but you had to be free,


And I let you...why did I let you?

C Am Em

We grew together through the gardens and graves,


I watched you grow to be a woman,

C Am Em

Living on promises that nobody gave


To no one...

C C/B Am D Am D

They were given to no one.

I started listening to the wind and the rain,

You strained your ears but could hear nothing

One night I thought I heard them whisper my name,

And I went running...

I left a trail of footprints deep in the snow,

One day I swore I would retrace them,

But when I turned around I found that the wind,

Had erased them,

Now I'll never replace them.


G Em A C

Fly away my sweet bird over the land,

G Em A C

Take life for all the freedom you can,

G Em A C

But if you ever should need a man,


Well, the offer still stands.

I hear you've taken on a husband and child,

And live somewhere in Pennsylvania,

I never thought you'd ever sever the string,

But I can't blame ya none.

So let the ashes fall and lie where they will,

Just say that once you used to know me,

One last time sing that old song we used to know,

But this time sing, this time sing,

A little more slowly...


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